SparkBring Technology
Energy Remote Technology Our
inventions have revolutionized energy. We harness the power of
engineering, data, and science to redefine what’s possible. The
world needs more energy and even more energy. Our research and
development approach is to invent, accelerate, and collaborate to
bring the most transformative technologies to market. We are
solving some of the most complex challenges with technologies that
explore the future of design and manufacturing, artificial
intelligence, and computing at the edge. Our focus is digital
solutions that combine sophisticated hardware technology with
enterprise-grade software products and analytics to connect
industrial assets, providing customers with the data, security, and
protection they need to reliably and efficiently improve
operations. The segment includes condition monitoring, industrial
control, non-destructive testing technologies, measurements, and
pipeline solutions. Our innovation centers focus on fundamental
research and longer-term developments. Our teams work on applied
developments and innovation to address specific customer needs,
conceive and develop new-generation products and services.
Together, this powerful network enables us to meet both short-term
and long-term industry needs.
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