The logistics development market
is one of the most active in the world at today. The average share
of GDP in developed countries is approximately 13-14%. You can see
that transport companies and transport logistics bring great profit
to the state. For example, the share of Irelands GDP is 14.1%, in
Singapore 13.8%, in Hong Kong 13.8%, in Germany 13%, in Russian
data is not much less than 12.2%. Global Transport Market Logistics
is approximately $2.7 trillion. The uneven level of development of
many countries creates obstacles effective development of
international logistics. Logistics is the main link in
international trade. In fact, logistics is a huge number of
companies that take Undertake to transport the goods from one point
to another. Or its organizations for the production of certain
products that have its logistics departments. For example,
logistics plays a huge role in global corporations, known
throughout the world for their products. Usually product
development in them takes place in one country, production
delivered in the second country, and the third country is
responsible for withdrawing this product for the whole world. Such
an example makes it clear that a constant is needed global supply
chain management for international business chains. The global
supply chain in this case is included in various countries and
process elements into a single whole, which can be constantly
observed in in real time. In simple terms, the assembly part must
be transported on
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