In the late 2000s, the 21st
century world discovered completely new and hitherto unknown
opportunities for progressive humanity. Many different digital
currencies began to appear, and from everywhere it was said that
they had a future. At that time, humanity did not yet understand
the full power of cryptocurrencies, however, already 10 years after
the appearance of bitcoin, humanity felt its strength and believed
in its future... What is Pluribusunum? PLURIBUSUNUM is the code
name for a secret society of people closely connected with the
cryptocurrency world, founded At the beginning of 2019 during a new
rise in the cryptocurrency market to unite the assets of each
member of the society in order to achieve clearly set goals that
help to increase the capital of all its participants. The main
principles of our society are:
Investment plans
Profit Period
19.6% 14 days
36.8% 23 days
Rating 5.22
Start date 2021-01-23 (40 days)
Minimum deposit 20
Referral program 5%, 2%, 1%
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