We are an investment corporation, which includes a group of promising companies, united under the leadership of Gordon Ross to increase income and growth. Our activities cover many areas of business, including brokerage, trading, joining a joint-stock company, real estate and construction as well as the development of cutting-edge medical equipment. At OXI Corporation. a special investment climate has been created, which, due to the large number of areas and fields of activity, makes it possible to level the decline in the shares of some companies by the profit of others. Thus, maintaining a consistently high income remains one of our main merits.
Investment plans
Profit Period
6.5% 7 days
99.43% 58 days
142.86% 80 days
192.86% 100 days
248.57% 120 days
Rating 5.12
Start date 2020-05-19 (336 days)
Minimum deposit 10
Referral program 5%
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