Osonyo Limited– the company of
professional financial managers and highly experienced Forex
traders and Cryptocurrency. The idea and the concept of absolutely
new investment company was designed in 2018, when our own trading
system was created. But we decided to focus our attention to the
full cycle trading system tests and optimization by trading our own
money. Few years later all the tests were successfully completed
and our trading strategy showed outstanding results. This system is
fully automated, our traders just control opened positions and
improve trading system from time to time by optimizing it to the
current market situation.
Investment plans
Profit Period
76.5% 45 days
80.5% 35 days
87% 30 days
Rating 2.72
Start date 2021-03-28 (14 days)
Minimum deposit 10
Referral program 35%, 3%, 1%
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Payment systems