Neex Capital
Neex Capital is network of recent trading holding with a series of financial services and standard Asian services. We are managed to accelerate the development of our partners, the transporter and increase the benefit of the benefit of all the corporate partners. The capital owned by our company guarantees the actions of the employees, for the return is guaranteed for the investors. How much can you earn investing with us? from 1.6% to 4.5% of total passive income per day. After personally registering an account at Neex Capital, our client, I have 7 levels of program affiliation available. Partner status is available to all those who registered with the company without investment with promotion levels of 6% 3% 1% 1% 0.5% bonus for newcomers . To upgrade affiliate program, we create 2 conditions for growth, you can upgrade according to the individual deposit amount or according to the enterprise revenue structure to achieve a certain item. This showcases an expansion program that is well worth the number of levels in the structured partner a participant can create, which leads to increased referral commission profits. This referral program, the top partner status referral gives participants the right to set up their own partner structure with 23 levels and rewards up to 49.5% for the top creator. with the highest.
Investment plans
Profit Period
32% 20 days
47.5% 25 days
66% 30 days
100% 40 days
365% 100 days
Rating 4.56
Start date 2021-06-03 (10 days)
Minimum deposit 25
Referral program 6%, 3%, 1%, 1%, 0.5%
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