This is probably the simplest
way to generate income in the cannabis industry. We Find companies
that offer commissions for sending traffic to their site, then find
or create advertising channels to send them traffic. Once We set up
a successful, recurring, online ad campaign, it can earn money in
our sleep. All states require some level of lab testing to assure
that cannabis products are free of pesticides, molds and other
toxins. Cannabis labs will be very busy for a long time to come.
Got a knack for chemistry? How about setting up a cannabis oil
extraction facility. Many growers only want to focus on growing and
thus farm out extraction to folks like Us. This may require an
extensive investment in machinery. Many cannabis consumers are
looking for fun and exciting events to attend to share their love
for cannabis. We would start small with a social gathering or we
will go big and promote a major concert event.
Investment plans
Profit Period
200% 50 days
240% 40 days
240% 30 days
Rating 4.25
Start date 2021-04-03 (10 days)
Minimum deposit 20
Referral program 5%, 2%, 1%
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