Welcome to Loan Deals Loan Deals
is a revolutionary lending instution in the digital finance
industry. Since 2020 we have brought the next generation of loan
solutions to emerging companies in the crypto industry. We believe
in the financial revolution and we support the institutions and
individuals that embrace blockchain technoligy and allow
corporations and individuals easy access to loan solutions that
harness the full potential of crypto assets. Loan Deals empowers
thousands of people from around the world to harness the power
behind their crypto assets through various loan products. Our
lenders also enjoy high yields as they connect with borrowers to re
shape a stronger financial system for a brighter tomorrow.
Investment plans
Profit Period
10.5% 1 day
Rating 3.08
Start date 2021-02-19 (8 days)
Minimum deposit 10
Referral program 6%, 2%, 1%
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