Oh, how easy it is now to
manipulate and control the markets for big uncles. One tweet and
the market position either took off into space and flew to the
moon, or it all went down the drain. It's funny to look at this
whole circus where some make billions and billions, while others
lose their pennies. We are not offended by what is happening, we
just have fun. The Funny Elon project was created as a joke on the
omnipotence of Twitter over the cryptocurrency market, which, in a
word, with one picture, with one meme, can decide where the market
will go. We give the opportunity to earn money to our friends who
join us. You can top up the balance in your personal account and
create a Magic Tweet that will give everyone a little money. Each
tweet has its own terms, and each tweet has a different percentage
that you can receive. It's pretty fun because the tweet is dropped
randomly for every friend. It's pretty cool and funny. Join and
try, maybe you are lucky and your tweet will bring you thousands of
Investment plans
Profit Period
101% 1 hour
103% 12 hours
104% 1 day
110% 3 days
115% 6 days
105% 9 days
150% 13 days
180% 15 days
750% 33 days
2800% 74 days
350% 20 hours
Rating 2.6
Start date 2021-03-20 (21 days)
Minimum deposit 5
Referral program 5%, 2%, 1%
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Payment systems