Cronus Limited has good financial resources and human resources that bring stable profits regardless of the current economic situation.

We are constantly making profits by adapting to current market conditions.

We constantly monitor the financial market, create new strategies and improve our investment conditions. We have created the most suitable and profitable investment plans to provide our investors with a reliable and steadily growing income with high quality diversification of investment risks.

Our company has developed methods and approaches that are of great practical importance for trading. It is imperative to conduct research not only on macroeconomics, but also on microeconomic indicators. It is necessary to carefully anticipate the risks and select effective tools.
Investment plans
Profit Period
50% 10 days
160% 8 days
150% 5 days
Rating 4.3
Start date 2020-11-25 (329 days)
Minimum deposit 10
Referral program 8%, 5%, 3%
Payment systems