CompanyCapital-invest - an
association of investors, managers, analysts and financiers who
work together to increase profits. We founded the company in 2021
in the second quarter and have invested in more promising projects
since then. Mutually beneficial cooperation between investors and
the company allows you to achieve maximum profitability and
reliability. We do not rely on instant super-profits, but on
long-term, safe and stable passive income. Our system is based on
experienced analysts who work daily on promising projects around
the world. In turn, we ensure the investor profit by leveling risks
due to the distribution of money at once for a large number of
applications. This allows you to minimize risks and build
trustworthy financial relationships between the links of the
system. We have created not just an investment project, but a whole
ecosystem with extensive opportunities for investors, and for
startups or growing companies. Now we are focused on expanding the
services provided and are in search of new investors, who want to
get a stable profit. Join the Capital-invest team right now!
Investment plans
Profit Period
127.84% 6 months
230.89% 9 months
354% 12 months
Rating 4.54
Start date 2021-04-06 (39 days)
Minimum deposit 0.001
Referral program 6%, 2%
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