Btc Bank
BTC BANK is a leader in the
short-term lending market. The main activity of our company is the
taking of deposits from individuals, as well as issuing loans
secured by USD and cryptocurrency, which undoubtedly opens up great
opportunities for a wide range of clients wishing to make a deposit
or borrow. Our company will allow creating conditions for the
safety and increase of your funds. We thoroughly analyze all our
borrowers, and also ask to provide highly liquid foreign exchange
collateral, which reduces the risk of asset loss to near zero. In
other words, you will receive a guaranteed income on any tariff
plan you choose. Become a client of our company today and limitless
opportunities will open up for you to earn money with us.
Investment plans
Profit Period
10% 10 days
40% 20 days
75% 30 days
Rating 5.05
Start date 2021-02-24 (45 days)
Minimum deposit 10
Referral program 5%, 2%, 1%
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