Our company was founded in 2013,
at a time when cryptocurrencies were not yet known to a wide range
of people, but were only gaining popularity. At the time, no one
believed that cryptocurrencies could take pride of place alongside
other assets such as gold, stocks, and foreign currency. However,
we decided not to believe the world's analysts and took a risk-we
created a team of traders who shared our views, and began to
actively trade, analyze various situations and with varying success
make a profit. Having received a small income from trading, we
decided not to stop at one direction of activity and decided to
create our own mining farm, which at first brought very little
profit. We did not stand still and constantly improved and
increased the structure of our mining form, thereby increasing our
overall income.Any company sooner or later begins to look for even
more new ways to earn money, which is why we decided to participate
in the same way in the field of lending. But not just lending, but
lending to cryptocurrencies. Many people are surprised by this
phrase, but it is one of the most profitable and advanced ways to
increase your income at the moment.
Investment plans
Profit Period
105.6% 10 days
121.8% 30 days
153.6% 60 days
Rating 5.13
Start date 2021-02-19 (8 days)
Minimum deposit 20
Referral program 5%, 2%, 1%
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